Football Manager 2011 iPhone Review

The lord of the board games has hit the iPhone looking like a $9.99 application. Football Manager 2011 attempts to give a rich football experience to administrators in a hurry, yet is this endeavor critical?

Football chief 2011 backings 11 rivalries and 34 divisions, which ought to fulfill most players. Every one of the major associations are incorporated including the Barclay Premier association, Serie An and the Primera division. So it’s at long last conceivable to remember the force of a Barca – Madrid match anyplace you go.

Conceivable outcomes

Not at all like its PC-partner, the iPhone form has been made open for players of all levels utilizing a basic format. The huge buttons and dropdown-menu style makes it simple to track down every one of the potential choices without scratching heads or looking the consistently more extensive interwebs for guides. This is anyway additionally a con, since Football administrator 2011 for the portable market is not the slightest bit tantamount to the genuine article.

This turns out to be particularly clear when overseeing off-pitch choices for the club. Scouts for example can’t be purchased and must be ship off drapery districts, a long ways from the PC form. Also, finance control is much further simplified, here it’s basically impossible to work on the club’s money box or even read into the numbers, rather the game offers a basic spending plan and leaves it at that. On the other side the game records for strange occasions, in my game a rich proprietor dominated, allowing over 60m in move charges, a brief look at profundity.

To end this part on a positive hub, on account of the simple access modes (however exposed rudiments), football supervisor works at lightning speed on an iPhone 3GS or 4. This made it extremely reassuring and habit-forming to continue onward, in spite of the absence of highlights found. I completed 4 seasons with my nearby club in less than seven days – an accomplishment I never dealt with the PC rendition. คาสิโนน่าเล่น


Fortunately the group’s strategies dive pretty deep regardless of the absence of capability from the iDevices out at this point. Players can rapidly move between aims, passing styles, pressure or not and so on Burrow much more profound and a large group of unlimited arrangements are accessible at the solace of your fingertips, very great stuff for a versatile footie!

The matches are displayed on the series’ brand name map with dabs framework, as utilized for a long time prior in the decade. Each dab addresses a player and the development and passes are shown practically generally – albeit some senseless minutes have most certainly sprung up every so often. To a greater extent a killjoy is the way that the game will just show features, simplifying any leftover expect a more profound more significant football experience.


Football chief 2011 for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is an incredible pilot for the series. It’s just incredible to have the option to partake in the FM experience on a cell phone. Interactivity moves quickly and a few highlights do offer a brief look at the component rich elder sibling that has given to PC-supervisors to certain years now. Because of this Football Manager for the iPhone is a suggested purchase for a light-chief encounter when in a hurry.

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