Among the various industry buzzwords and catch phrases, affiliate marketing has surfaced and presented itself as an opportunity that has staying power. The best SEO affiliate programs revolve around promoting other peoples’ products or businesses, and collecting rewards as a finder’s fee when prospects and customers are confirmed.

While building effective Affiliate Marketing Programs may not be as simple as it sounds, tools, training, and support forums are now abundantly available. Developing a fundamental understanding of pay per click (PPC) marketing, and strategic use of keywords, is a good start. Ultimately, though, it is all about traffic.

Leveraging traffic flow is what ultimately determines affiliate success or failure. After all this is what host companies want: seriously qualified visitors who ultimately become buyers. An effective affiliate finds the potentially interested traffic elsewhere, and creates avenues to route them toward the targeted site or sites.

Clearly, the marketed company’s revenue goal requires visitors to buy. Hence, the second part of the mystery: the shopper-to-buyer conversion process hinges on a powerful pre-selling page. This pre-selling page effectively has the shopping visitor salivating for the merchandise long before they ever reach the vendor page. Without this vital preparatory step, visiting shoppers may click on an affiliate link, but never purchase. Only a purchase results in revenue, for the vendor and for the affiliate. Without the purchase, every other piece of the process washes right down the drain.


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