A General Classification of Types of Cactus


Cacti are the best types of indoor or outdoor plants. Cactus grows properly without too much attention and care from you. It is among the draught-resistant plants that can survive in very dry and harsh climates. Thus, one can confidently say that cacti are unproblematic plants that anybody can try growing. Before doing that,    انواع کاکتوس – نگهداری کاکتوس – آبیاری کاکتوس one should find extra information on various types of cactus. Some species grow very tall and wide that it may be impossible to grow them inside the house.

What is more, given species have big thorns and they can be hazardous if grown inside the house. There are over two thousand species and each has its own features. In this article, you will learn the general classification of cacti, based on where they grow and thrive. Arid climate species are very typical and most people are aware of how they look like.

In fact, most people end up propagating this type because of its decorative qualities. It usually has some charming flowers and spines that add to the beauty of the plant. It thrives excellently in arid and semi-arid climates, such as deserts and semi-deserts. That said, these types of cactus could survive for a long time without any water.

Desert cactus has many different species and each has its biological name. The star type has noticeable flakes on the outside and lacks spines. If you want a style that produces cute flowers, sea urchin is what you need. Sea urchin is a tiny cactus that can be either whitish green or grayish green in color. It also produces vivid yellow flowers that have red bases every five years.

Among other types of famous cacti include bishop’s cap which is spherical and has yellow flowers and white scales. In case, one needs a plant that can beautify the windowpanes, the chin cacti are just right. They flourish early, have a small charming size and produce cute white and cherry flowers. Goat’s horn is other types of cacti with a small size and brown spines that often coil around it.


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