Discover Offshore Merchant Account’s Six Cardinal Rules of Customer Service  

Every high risk merchant, or any other kind of merchant for that matter, who has an offshore merchant account or any kind of merchant account, or even those who still don’t have one, knows in their hearts that a very crucial factor in the long-lasting life of their   high risk merchants list     businesses is to have positive customer satisfaction ratings. If there are no customers, then no matter how established the business is, it will all come down to a close.

Many articles have been written, so much tips have been offered on how to achieve on making your customers contented and satisfied over your product and services. If your satisfaction ratings are up, then your customer retention will be consistent. If your satisfaction rating are up, you can attract new customers through your regulars who’ll speak only high praises of you.

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Well, these aren’t actually rules. But tried and tested strategies on dealing with customers to make sure that the next time they’ll visit will be to buy, not to argue. That the next time that they’ll call for a supervisor will be to commend not to downgrade. As an offshore merchant account holder, yo should be able to sink these all in.

  1. People come before paperwork

I know, we all have documents to prepare, presentations to draft, proposals to submit, and all other black and white forms to fill up. But the most important thing is your customers. Make them your first priority. Know you’ll say that, obviously they have always been your number one on the list. But is this truly what you or your staff practice?. Give it a thought.

  1. Don’t rush the customer

Talk about being physically present but not actually being there. This happens when you have another million things lined up at the back of your mind. Make it a point to make them feel like they are the customer of the day, that you’re just fresh from opening every system. When they feel that you’re rushing them, they’ll think you don’t want them around. Need to tell what happens next after that?

III. Be friendly before you know who it is

Admittedly, there is a group of regulars, whom you truly adore in a business sense, who gets in our nerves due to their never-ending arguments regarding the same topic. No matter how hard you serve them the best way you can come up to, they’ll still find something to put their finger on. But be careful in getting used to this for you may end up branding your customers ,that you will not end up making false assumptions in treating an incoming customer.

  1. Don’t be too busy to be nice

Even if you so many things to do with so little time, this is not an excuse for to be oblivious, to put it mildly, to your customer’s inquiries. You basically work to give them a better service, not to keep files. Well, you also have to that, but get someone to that for you.

  1. Don’t use military language on civilians

Use credit card instead of plastic. Visa or Mastercard instead of credit card processor. Talk to them using universal terms. Leave the company jargon between you and your staff.


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