Evacuation Cribs Put Children First


Wherever children are, safety concerns go up. This is how things should be, as children of all sizes need complete protection and care. Whether it is in a daycare, nursery, church, hospital or just a home, evacuation cribs are always an excellent safeguard against tragedy. In addition, many child care facilities and hospitals are required by    εκκενωσεις βοθρων     law to provide an evacuation crib to ensure the safe evacuation of children in an emergency situation like fires or earthquakes.

In addition to evacuation cribs, a first responder’s evacuation protocol sign, which gives clear instructions on how to evacuate children safely, can be a life saver in any emergency. A route sign will direct first responders on the areas to take the children out quickly and efficiently. These can be lifesavers in a situation where time is of the essence such as a fire. Keep the children safe with the proper signs and equipment. Our evacuation frame can simply be added onto your regular cribs to improve the maneuverability of the cribs, and the frame will add strength in case more than one child needs to be placed in the crib.

One of the most popular of the evacuation cribs is the model Sweet Dreamer Simmons Kids Clearview Fixed Side Compact Evacuation Daycare Crib. This incredibly innovative crib is Greenguard certified, and offers a luxurious Simmons’s mattress for comfort and cushion. The end panels feature genuine Plexiglas panels which not only allow crystal clear visibility of the child inside, but can act as a sturdy shield in an emergency. The four inch casters allow maximum movement, and glide smoothly for quick evacuation. This crib is certified specifically for evacuations, yet is comfortable enough to be desirable in any home, daycare or hotel.

For those that need larger numbers of evacuation cribs, the most inexpensive options would be the LA Baby Steel Non-Folding Evacuation Crib. This sturdy steel crib is perfect for regular use, as the steel is easily cleaned and is extremely rust-resistant. The heavy body ensures a frame that is up to the challenge of evacuation, and the crib meets all federal standards for safety. The ends of the crib offer a clear view of the child, and will not impede your view as you wheel the crib where you need to go. The mattress can be adjusted to three different heights.


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