Do You Really Need An Xbox 360 Slim In Your Game Room?


Microsoft recently redesigned the Xbox 360 making it smaller, quieter and generally better than the earlier 360 models. Those who haven’t bought into the Xbox franchise yet might be wondering if this is the time to do so and those who already own a working 360 might want to know if the new release is worth the upgrade. I’m writing   360 live streaming    this guide to help answer those questions and to break down what the Xbox 360 Slim has to offer.

So, What’s New?
How does the Xbox 360 Slim differ from the Xbox 360 Elite model? Measuring in at 17% smaller, the Slim won’t require as much shelf space as its old counterpart. The design is beautiful and streamlined and sports a glossy black finish much like that of other current high-tech gadgets. The redesigned power brick is about half the size as the old power brick, making it a little more manageable to deal with. While the smaller size is a much-needed improvement over the older version’s bulk, it’s what’s under the hood that really sets it apart from the older Elite.

The Slim comes with a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that supports up to 802.11n speeds, finally bringing the Xbox up to speed with its competitors Sony and Nintendo. Also added are a 250GB hard drive, 5 USB ports (3 more than the Xbox Elite), a dedicated Microsoft Kinect port and a digital optical out port. Still included are the HDMI port (only the port, not the cable) and the old standard A/V connector port (with cable) and an ethernet port. The hard drive is considerably larger than that of the Xbox Elite system’s 120GB drive and the extra USB ports are a welcome addition for attaching more peripherals.

If you’ve been following the Xbox 360 at all you’ve no doubt heard about the dreaded “red ring of death.” Rest assured, with this latest version Microsoft has fixed the overheating problem responsible for killing off so many of the original 360 models, so there’s little chance you’ll have to send this one in for repairs or replacement which would leave you without your system for weeks.

Should I Have One Of These In My Game Room Or What?
Well, that depends. How dear do you hold streaming Netflix movies to your HDTV? With the Xbox 360 Slim, you can stream Netflix, but only if you subscribe to the $49.99 per year Xbox Live Gold service. Xbox Live Gold does offer some great features (like online gaming with voice chat and extra map downloads to name a few), but if you aren’t going to take advantage of them, then you should look elsewhere to get your streaming Netflix fix. If you already have an HDTV with Netflix baked in (or a PS3 or Wii system for that matter), this probably won’t be a deal-breaker for you, but I thought it was definitely worth noting.

If you’re just in this for the gaming, the latest version of the Xbox 360 is truly an awesome upgrade to the old “red ring of death” model, but even though the improvements are great, they’re only superficial. The system’s performance and picture quality are still the same as the Xbox 360 Elite. So, if you already have a working 360 (that is still covered under Microsoft’s 3 year warranty for the overheating problem), a hard drive, a Wi-Fi antenna, an HDMI cable and everything is working as it should, you can feel safe sitting this one out. Having said that, if you haven’t yet gotten on the Xbox 360 bandwagon and you’ve always longed to play Halo and any of the other incredible Xbox-only games, then the Slim is probably a good choice for you. This is likely the last 360 model to be released before the next console war erupts, too, and who wants to wait till then?


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